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Edgar Lamas

Contemporary Mixed Media on Metal and custom fine home furniture by Edgar Lamas

Click here to see a video features elements from a recent government exhibition of Edgar's works.

Edgar Lamas comes to the art world with a highly varied background in cabinetry and automotive painting. As a technician, his skills are unparalleled. His artwork is hand metal-work and automotive grade paints done on chrome. Edgar began these amazing works on aluminum, and over several years went to stainless steel and finally to chrome; each progressively harder and more difficult materials to work in. As a result, he has developed an art form unto itself.

Upon initial inspection, one is amazed at the quality of workmanship in his pieces. Because transparent paints are used in the process, the pieces will reflect light back out into the room, often, where lighting is correctly done, showcasing the work on other surfaces in the room. Because of the high reflectivity of his works, they are next to impossible to photograph and must be fully appreciated in person.

Edgar's work is done in two major ways, one, as wall hangings and as very advanced one of a kind cabinets. Exotic veneers are used in the frames and cabinets with exceptional transparent coatings that give all his pieces a special sparkle. Edgar has also extended his craft into a variety of sculptural pieces.

Edgar's designs range from Cubist to Deco and from ultra modern to surreal. His use of color spans from extremely subtle to bold and intense. Often his pieces will have over a dozen colors in a field that might appear as one, then as you move, the colors will shift and change as you move with them.

Edgar's work is highly influenced from the great glass artists such as Jon Kuhn, Lino Tagliapietra and design styles from countries all over the world - Edgar is often seen with all the latest design magazines as is reflected in his cutting edge, yet very personal style.

Hallmark Galleries is proud to represent the work of this exceptional designer, artist and technician. To learn more about his work, or to have a custom piece done for your home, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our art gallery is nested in San Diego's renowned tourist destination, La Jolla Cove. Come in and say hello!