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Hu Jundi (Hu Jun Di) 胡峻涤油画

contemporary Chinese oil paintings by Chinese Artist Hu Jundi (Hu Jun di)胡峻涤油画

Hu Jundi (Hu Jun Di 胡峻涤) was born in China in Jilin province in 1962. He graduated from Southwest Chongqing University fine arts department in 1984 and presently resides in Sichuan Leshan area.

Hu Jundi (胡峻涤) is one of the most intriguing painters in the world. He is recognized for his ability to bring forth a sense of delicate serenity and harmony. He has mastered the fusion of traditional Chinese brush with the unmatched depth of oil painting. His paintings brilliantly meld eastern and western culture together with complete integrity, the story unfolds as Hu Jundi expresses the poems in his heart through paint on cloth.

Hu Jundi's works are mostly based on the theme of female characters with classical charm and beauty of the Orient, expressing untainted feminine beauty. Hu Jundi seeks his inspiration from the Chinese tradition Yuan verse poetry, music and classical literature, his works are often filled with a hint of sorrow and mysticalness, leaving his audience ruminating, reminiscing and wanting more...

Though one can see the unique vocabularies fusing impressionistic style and light/shade technique, Hu's artistic expressions are restrained by the reserved nature of his Chinese culture which makes his work magical and seductive. Hu Jundi's oil paintings usually appear to be very thin, created with thin wispy lines while at the same time achieving the same effect similar to the traditional Chinese paintings with corona dyes lending a truly unique style to his creations. As one look at his work, one sees the impact of the marvelous combination and exchange of the light, shade and color, while feeling the simplicity and elegance of the East and its refined and free style.

Hu Jundi Recent Exhibitions

2006/5 Solo show, Hallmark Galleries, San Diego, California, USA

2006/4 Solo show, Las Vegas Nevada USA. Was awarded “Artist of the Year” by Sunrise Children’s Foundation.

2004/4 Solo show Hallmark Galleries, San Diego California USA.

2003/11 Seventh shanghai art exhibition held in Shanghai. Many works and comments were published in the magazines Art World, Chinese Oil Painting, Artists, Art Search, etc.

2003/10 Third Oil Painting Exhibition held in Beijing.

2003/4 Sichuan Oil Painting Exhibition held in Chendu.

2002/12 Hu Jundi oil painting works book was published by Tianjin people’s art publishing house.

2002/11 Shanghai 6th Art Exhibition held in Shanghai.

2002/10 China Autumn Option of Jia De held in Guangzhou.

2002/7 Art China Exhibition held in Chendu. The painting "a girl" won the outstanding prize.

2002/5 Beijing International Art Exhibition held in Beijing. At the same time, the paintings "water and cloud", "Kite", "black light" were transferred to piano song and held a professional concert.

Hallmark Gallery is very proud to feature contemporary Asian Chinese paintings by Chinese Artist Hu Jundi 胡峻涤. We have the largest collection of Hu Jun Di (胡峻涤) Original works in the USA! Hu Jundi's 胡峻涤 female oil portraits fuses western oil painting technique with Asian painting style. Come visit our art gallery nested in San Diego's renowned tourist destination, La Jolla Cove on your next trip.